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Franklin Street Acquires Tropical Realty Appraisal Services

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Strategic Move for Firm's Plan to Become National Full Service CRE Company

Franklin Street will now offer real estate valuation advisory services to its growing clientele through the acquisition of Tropical Realty Appraisal Services. 

Tropical Realty Appraisal Services completed more than 400 appraisals in 2014 and over 6,500 in its 27 years in business. It will integrate its offices in Miami, Atlanta, and Tampa, FL but will keep its seperate office in Key West. 

Franklin Street Valuation Advisory will provide property valuation for life insurance companies, large real estate investors, and will provide litigation support involving family law, lease disputes, arbitration, and more. 

The integration of both companies will present the collaborative energy already present amongst their current business atmospheres.

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