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Our talented team has a deep understanding of every retail segment. We know that each property, location and business require a specific strategy. That’s why we take the time to get to know your unique needs, then develop and implement solutions that are tailored to you.

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Florida-based restaurant chain
specializing in breakfast, brunch & lunch
488 locations across 29 states

The Challenge
When First Watch approached Franklin Street, they had already been operating stores in the Atlanta market for several years but had not been rapidly expanding. In preparation for growth, First Watch’s branding and operations were given a refresh to help them make a statement as the premier breakfast, brunch and lunch option in as they began their push to expand.

The Franklin Street Solution

Franklin Street provides best-in-market knowledge and information to First Watch- striving to provide access for our client to the best possible sites regardless of whether those opportunities are readily known to be available.

Since Franklin Street began assisting First Watch to secure best-in-market real estate in Atlanta, their new locations have continued to make a big splash, while also elevating the success of their pre-existing Atlanta locations as well. Franklin Street’s Retailer 360 team continues to help First Watch open new locations in highly desirable spaces.

founded in 1936
131 locations
the largest privately held retail liquor chain in the country

The Challenge
Due to some strategic shifts, ABC liquor was looking to consolidate some of their retail locations. Through this consolidation, however, they did not want to sell, and therefore lose, the properties. They needed an open-minded and creative partner, with the market knowledge necessary to help them utilize the properties in the most advantageous way possible.

The Franklin Street Solution

To fulfill the needs of this client, our team creatively built a plan to redevelop or ground lease the sites that ABC wanted to consolidate. After going to market, our team was able to secure numerous long term deals that exceeded any revenues that were lost after closing down the locations. Our experts utilized their market knowledge and marketing ability to find the best suited long-term tenants with the lowest risk to lease these properties. Franklin Street’s Retailer 360 Disposition team was by the client’s side through every step of the process, ensuring that no surprises would arise. By helping ABC Liquor to create diverse income through disposition, we will be able to stabilize incomes through any adverse changes that are possible in the liquor world.

A grocery chain located in central and south Florida
46 stores
36 vacant locations
10 subleased

The Challenge

The grocery store chains decided to close nearly a quarter of their stores.

Delhaize approached Franklin Street to provide Facilities Management for the vacant stores in several states throughout the southeast.

Many stores were in remote locations and have very sophisticated building systems that needed to be protected and monitored for issues while the client worked to terminate or sub-lease the spaces.

The Franklin Street Solution

Franklin Street took the time to understand the client’s needs and tailored a Facilities Management plan to meet their objectives by:

Hiring security vendors to monitor the vacant stores and respond to alarm calls.

Scheduling routine maintenance visits to monitor the stores coupled with detailed reports.

Lease Administration to maintain compliance with the leases in place with the landlord plus ensuring subtenants were in compliance with the leases.

Handling the disposition of the store’s leases until the majority of the stores were either terminated or leases were sold to other grocers.

Strategy | site selection | disposition | lease administration | facilities management | project management

Franklin Street’s Retailer 360 puts the power of collaboration in your hands. Our integrated platform of services means an easy, streamlined experience curated to achieve your end game. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to your business. We walk eagerly in your shoes, stand confidently by your side and execute where you need a trusted ally. 

With Retailer 360, you don’t have to go at it alone. We’re here. 

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