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What Clients can Expect from Franklin Street’s Insurance Claims and Risk Management Services

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By Eric Smith, Director of Risk Management & Claims

Through our established procedures on the oversight and management of claims, Franklin Street strives to achieve optimum results that will positively impact our clients’ portfolios. Supported by our dynamic team of professionals, our clients can feel confident their claims will be handled properly in a timely manner. 

When it comes to handling claims and risk management, here’s what clients can expect from our team:

1. Accurate, timely reporting and communication about your insurance claim. 

Our Franklin Street claims team is dedicated to monitoring and overseeing all claims reported. We provide ongoing communication throughout the life of a claim and prepare formal written reports on a quarterly basis for both property and general liability claims. We screen all incident reports to determine appropriate action with our clients’ internal team structures.

2. Specialized services for each and every insurance claim.  

Franklin Street ensures the most favorable outcomes by analyzing coverage disputes and preparing rebuttals to carriers. We collaborate with carriers to develop financial reserves on given claims. Leveraging these relationships ensures we can provide specialized resources and partners in the adjustment of the claims process. Franklin Street will also nominate a dedicated Executive General Adjuster to handle all first party property losses.

3. Tailored solutions for your unique risk profile. 

Our Risk Management Services have been established to ensure our clients are actively improving onsite protocols that reduce the number of incidents and reported claims. Each client has a unique risk profile with a set of challenges we hope to help mitigate. Franklin Street will develop a comprehensive risk management plan to mitigate or eliminate risks by providing resources and guidance. Our internal Risk Management Team provides a continual thorough ongoing analysis of both property and liability exposures by creating Loss Analysis Reports. These analytic reports will identify causes of loss drivers and allow us to develop mitigation techniques. 

4. Tools and resources to help your management staff reduce liability. 

To provide property management staff education, Franklin Street has developed a robust Risk Management Library that consists of tools and resources such as Fire Safety flyers, Hurricane Preparedness checklists, Inspection Checklists for on-site Property Managers and more. 

5. 24/7 service you can count on. 

Our team does not set limits to the amount of time we dedicate to our clients. We invest as much time that is necessary to satisfy needs and accomplish goals that have been established. Our team motto is, “when our clients are thinking about insurance, we’re not doing our job”.

For more information about Franklin Street Insurance Services, visit the Insurance page on our website. For access to our risk management library contact us at [email protected].

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