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Franklin Street Real Estate Services delivers positive results and enhanced value for clients through a combination of expert analysis, market knowledge, talent and collaboration. Our real estate team is poised to provide services from purchase to sale, and/or the leasing of an asset. We assist with office, retail, multifamily and industrial assets for clients at any stage of their ownership cycle.

Our experienced real estate team uses its real estate and financial acumen to achieve optimum prices for our clients, whether it's a disposition or acquisition of an asset or assets. We are experts at providing the most expedient and certain path to a closing.

The Real Estate Services team has deep talent and experience, boasting billions of dollars in career transactions. The extensive knowledge and expertise of these highly skilled professionals play a prominent role in achieving successful results.

We combine in-depth analysis of each asset with consideration from different investor perspectives, while including cash-flow models and anticipated returns to obtain information vital for making wise investment decisions.

For landlords, our team is highly effective at not only finding prospective tenants that meet established criteria, but also at helping to retain tenants long-term, which is a valuable leasing tool in itself.

Our tenant representation team takes on the role of tenant advocate in each lease transaction ensuring profit-enhancing decisions are followed through.