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Panel Event: Franklin Street’s Alex Taghi to Speak at Bisnow’s ‘State of Austin Office’

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Join us on Thursday, June 6th, in Austin for a morning full of insights on the strategies, amenities, and upcoming developments at Bisnow’s ‘State of Austin Office’ event.

Franklin Street’s Alex Taghi, Director of Occupier Services, will share his insights as a member of Bisnow’s ‘Market Trends and Strategies in Office’ panel, which will cover adapting to a changing landscape.

What You’ll Learn:
  • How have office amenities evolved in recent years?
  • How do amenities such as fitness centers, onsite cafes and outdoor spaces impact tenant satisfaction and retention?
  • What are some innovative design strategies that can enhance productivity and collaboration in office spaces?
  • Are office to residential conversions a successful strategy or are they more trouble than they are worth?
  • What impact has the rise of remote work and flexible work arrangements had on office leasing dynamics, and how are landlords and developers responding? How are owners and developers adapting to accommodate hybrid work models and remote collaboration?
  • What role do neighborhood and location play in office site selection?
  • What are some of the most exciting and innovative upcoming Austin office developments?
  • How do investors assess the risk-return profile of office investments in different market cycles, and what strategies do they employ to mitigate risks?
  • How do lenders evaluate the risk associated with financing distressed assets, and what strategies can investors use to secure financing for distressed property acquisitions?
  • How can landlords and tenants collaborate to create customized office spaces that align with the unique needs and culture of each organization?
  • How are office conversion and adaptive re-use projects affecting the Austin office real estate market?
  • What strategies are developers engaging with in order to succeed amidst decreased demand for office space. How are mixed-use office developments playing into this?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges associated with incorporating art and cultural programming into office environments to enhance tenant experience and engagement?

Alex Taghi, Director for Franklin Street’s Occupier Services division in Austin, stands as a trusted partner in the commercial real estate realm. With an extensive track record encompassing nearly 2 million sq. ft. of office leasing, sales, and strategic workplace assignments, Mr. Taghi adeptly harnesses the collaborative platform provided by Franklin Street.

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