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Franklin Street’s Andrew Wright Recognized as one of Tampa Bay’s 100 Most Influential Leaders

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Franklin Street is pleased to announce Andrew Wright, Founder & Chairman of the Board, has been recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as one of the region’s 100 most influential leaders in 2022.

Below is an excerpt from TBBJ explaining how they selected this year’s “Power 100” honorees:

“The Power 100 is not a ranking, but rather a guide that aims to reflect who are the most influential businesspeople in Tampa Bay at this moment in time…

Narrowing it down wasn’t easy or quick. We considered many individuals from across Tampa Bay and spent hours debating and crafting the list. The team assessed leadership qualities and whether, visibly or quietly, through philanthropic or institutional means, a candidate shapes the path and fortunes of the regional business community beyond their own bubble.

Doing business during an ongoing global pandemic has forced change, adaptation, accelerated failure and success. While the current conditions framed how we considered the 2022 honorees, the recognition represents a cumulative impact and staying power.”

– Alexis Muellner, Tampa Bay Business Journal

We are thrilled to congratulate Andrew on this highly deserved honor!

See the full Power 100 list here.

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