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Event: Franklin Street’s Greg Eisenman to Moderate at Bisnow’s Atlanta State of the Street

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Join us on Wednesday, June 7 for a morning full of insights, predictions and an in-depth look into Atlanta’s commercial real estate market at Bisnow’s Atlanta State of the Market event. Franklin Street’s Greg Eisenman, Managing Director of Retail Tenant Services in Atlanta, will moderate the regional competitiveness outlook, where he will guide the conversation about the position the Atlanta market stands among competition from Dallas, Miami, etc., in attracting top tenants.

  • What unique advantages does the Atlanta Film market offer amidst a competitive national and international landscape?
  • What impact will deescalating investment in streaming platforms have on studio demand?
  • What position does the market sit relative to its competition for office tenants?
  • What factors have largely insulated Atlanta from major tech layoffs, outside of the Microsoft news?
  • What strategies can the city implement to effectively collaborate with development partners to carve out affordable housing?
  • What can the market rate residential environment do to keep up with the expanding workforce coming to Atlanta? 
  • What current development projects across the metro are primed to be the new submarket driving destinations? 
  • What capacity exists for major experiential projects amidst a crowded suburban landscape?

As Managing Director of Franklin Street’s Retail Tenant Representation in Atlanta, Greg Eisenman brings over a decade of experience to the retail real estate services business. In this role, he focuses on the representation of retail, restaurant and service occupiers, working with them in strategic growth and development through site selection, lease and purchase transaction and market planning.

Mr. Eisenman leads a team of professionals who provide services to clients ranging from publicly traded retailers and Fortune 500 players to local entrepreneurs, helping each to develop and implement their strategies, working to secure the best real estate and the most ideal economics possible. The team strives to meet and exceed their clients’ real estate needs and expectations through extensive market knowledge accumulated through experience, research and analysis in representing both landlords and tenants in their real estate needs.

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