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Andrew Wright: Tampa Bay’s population growth wins attention

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Franklin Street's CEO discussed the real estate market at the Tampa Bay Business Journal 2019 Economic Outlook.

Excerpted from Tampa Bay Business Journal story on the inaugural Tampa Bay Business Journal Economic Outlook event at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Tampa, which drew 400 attendees to hear talks from three economic experts. 

Andrew Wright, CEO and Managing Partner, Franklin Street

I started talking about how I think the U.S. absolutely is the best place to invest in the world. 

Maybe we have some asset bubbles, but over the long haul there’s nowhere better to be. The government is not coming to take your investments. They’re not knocking down things. The free market economy that we’ve built here is the special sauce and will continue to go forward. 

Within that, Florida is probably one of the best growth engines in the U.S. I can elaborate on that. Beyond that, Tampa Bay is probably the best area within Florida to be able to realize growth. 

We’re in the best place in the entire world to be. I do truly believe that. 

That said, we do have our challenges. Starting off on a positive is the population growth. Population growth across the country is less than 1 percent, but in Florida it’s closer to 2 percent, and in the Tampa Bay area it’s closer to 2.4 percent. 

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