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Vickers Roswell aims to continue ‘small town feel’ even w/high rise bldg, density

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Franklin Street has been selected to handle retail leasing for Vickers, a mixed-use project in Roswell, Ga.

Roswell residents have voiced concerns that the large scale redevelopment at Canton and Woodstock Street in Roswell may lessen the small town feel of historic Canton Street.

Rezoning for Vickers Roswell began at the tail end of 2014.

Since that time, the project has been reportedly described by residents as too big, too dense and taking away from the small town feel that is historic Roswell and Canton Street.

The developer stated they have worked closely with a local architect firm to develop a quaint boutique project.

Leigh Anne McGarry is one of the leasing associates at Franklin Street Real Estate Services that is working to fill this property.

McGarry expressed that “with our overall design and target tenants, we are still very much so keeping the small town feel at the top of our minds and priority, in order to cater to the local residents.”

Upon clarification, “target tenants” are small, local businesses, which is intended to continue the feel and operation of Canton Street.

“We would hope that local residents will see the benefit of extending the heart of Canton Street further north and connecting both ends of the street to create a strong walkability within the area,” said McGarry.

Originally proposed in 2014, this project has seen a reduction in scale and density after receiving split reviews from residents.

The mixed-use development project encompasses residential, retail and restaurants.

Initial proposal included more of all three, but with density zoning not being approved, a reduction resulted.

Vickers Roswell will accommodate first floor retail with apartment units on the second and third levels.

In total, there will be 79 residential units, mostly two bedrooms according to McGarry.

“Historic Roswell is booming. Local residents love the culture and southern small town feel the street has, full of chef-driven restaurants and family friendly experiences,” said McGarry.

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