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This new furniture store will use booze to sell you a sofa

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Robert Granda, director of retail investment sales, shares how Millennials are changing the retail industry.

Excerpted from Miami Herald story.

Although it sits just outside the Design District, the art-friendly neighborhood known for its roster of galleries, restaurants and high-end shops, City Furniture will continue its sales tactics of affordable furniture and same-day or next-day delivery. The addition of wine and beer bars to City Furniture stores is the latest example of how brick-and-mortar retailers are thinking of ways to survive in the era of online shopping.

“The retail industry is in a state of flux,” said Robert Granda, director of retail investment sales for the real estate firm Franklin Street. “There has been a generational shift, especially with millennials. The way that we experience retail now is a lot different than the way our parents experienced retail. Before, shopping had a sense of ‘going out’ to it. But e-commerce is about convenience and making things easy and ordering stuff from your house. Retailers have to compete with that now.”

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