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The Perfect Answer to Your Retail Build-Out Needs

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Nick Sanfilippo, SVP of Project Management, explains how project managers can make life easier for retailers.

Nick Sanfilippo, Senior Vice President of Project Management, explains how Franklin Street’s project management services can make life easier for retailers.

What is project management?
Project management refers to construction project management. From small interior build-outs to large scale developments, we have the expertise to handle any construction-related requirements. Our project management team offers a variety of services such as cost estimates, property redevelopments and first class advisory services.

What value can project management bring to retail clients?
On the tenant representation side, we can manage full roll-out packages and can build-out entire retail spaces, for any store quantities from one to 20+. On the landlord side, our team can serve as a full construction department for the landlord. My job as a project manager covers all aspects of the construction process, including hiring an architect to design the project, expediting the permitting process, bidding the project, hiring a general contractor and overseeing the building process.

Where does project management lie in our life cycle of services?
Project Management can come into play at any stage of the life cycle. The earlier we are brought into a construction project, the more we can help ensure a project’s success. A project manager can advise a property owner on building design and the best route to take to ensure a cost-efficient result, for example. Our team can save landlords a significant amount of money and time. Let’s say a landlord only has one space available, but they have three tenants interested in that space. We can advise the owner on which tenant improvements will be most costly and which one will bring the most cost-effective use. If they choose to redevelop the center, our team can manage the construction work on that project. We provide customized project management services to retail, office or industrial clients across all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Nick Sanfilippo serves as Senior Vice President of Project Management for Franklin Street. In this role, he provides comprehensive project management and consulting services for both investor and occupier clients while leading the project management division across all markets. He has more than 15 years of experience in building and leading project management teams, consistently creating value for his clients ranging from tenant build-outs, to redevelopment projects, to new developments.
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