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Panel Event: Franklin Street’s Clint Miller Speaking at IMN’s Middle-Market Multifamily Forum

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Clint Miller, VP of Operations with Franklin Street’s Property Management Division, will offer his insight at Information Management Network’s 5th Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 26th.

During the two-day conference, Clint will join fellow experts in multifamily for a panel discussion called, “Rent Collection Current Levels, Policies And The Impact On Tenant Facing Procedures: Lessons Learned & Impact On The Operations Of Your Portfolio.”

Here’s a look at what the discussion will cover:

  • Delinquency issues and having tenants vacate units
  • Insurance products
  • Rent collection and promise to pay notes
  • Level of concessions on properties
  • Tenants and Covid-19
  • Security deposits
  • Deferral vs. skipped payments
  • Working with government non-eviction regulations

About Clint Miller:

Clint Miller serves as Vice President of Operations for Franklin Street’s Property Management Division. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and financial performance of the firm’s managed properties, while adding value and ensuring profitability for owners and investors. He also works to maintain and grow the firm’s property management portfolio, comprised of a wide variety of asset types throughout the Southeast.

Mr. Miller joined Franklin Street in 2019 and since introduced a full suite of in-house services that assist owners through each step of an asset’s life cycle, from due diligence to disposition and everything in between. He also works closely with the firm’s executive team to source and implement innovative new products and technology that give Franklin Street an edge over its competition. 

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