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Managing Millennials

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Franklin Street's Yvonne Baker shares her thoughts on what employers need to know about managing Millennials.

Here’s how some employers in Florida see their Millennial employees:

Yvonne Baker
Regional Managing Partner 
Franklin Street, Orlando

“They are all very smart and want to succeed. They just need more effort on the front end.”

Every single minute of their lives has been planned for them. They had lacrosse practice, piano, dance lessons and other activities. They were raised with helicopter parents, and we’ve noticed that their entire family is following their kids around. Their whole life, they have been given instructions.

They are very motivated. They were raised with good manners, good work ethic and are very trainable. We have to teach them and prepare a training program for them. 

Another thing to consider is that technology is part of them. They don’t even think about it. It’s just who they are. They were raised with it. We must learn to adapt to the way that they work or we will be left behind. I enjoy working with them. They are hardworking, dedicated individuals, and they are the future.


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