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Hurricanes create rise in costs, delays on projects

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Franklin Street's Taquetta Harris discusses how her South Florida property management team helped building owners recover after Hurricane Irma.

When your business is construction, you do not have to be at the center of a major hurricane to feel its effects. Con­tractors, suppliers and commercial real estate lenders in Georgia are seeing some impacts from recent hurricanes Harvey, which made landfall on August 25, and Irma, which hit Florida on September 10. 

Taquetta Harris saw the devastation in South Florida first-hand. She man­ages several South Florida properties for Franklin Street, a commercial real estate management company. 

“During the storm and right after, when Wi-Fi and phone lines were down there, I was the point person for the team on the ground, keeping owners and ten­ants informed,” said Harris.

After the storm passed, she spent about two weeks onsite getting downed trees and debris removed and arranging for repairs to buildings. 

“The biggest challenge was restoring power, and then finding companies to remediate water damage,” Harris said, “but repairs are underway and mostly completed.”

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