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Highlights from Invest Jacksonville’s 2022 Launch Event with Franklin Street’s Laura Gonzales

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Laura Gonzales, Regional Managing Director of Franklin Street’s Jacksonville office as well as Director of Capital Advisory, joined fellow commercial real estate and business leaders to provide insights on investment opportunities and growth in the North Florida market at the inaugural Invest Jacksonville event on Thursday, April 7, 2022. The panelists all agreed the greater Jacksonville area will flourish with consistent collaboration and continued partnerships shaping the future of the community.

“Jacksonville is no longer a secret,” Gonzales told the Invest Jacksonville audience. “Calls from all over the nation and other countries are coming in favor of multifamily and industrial properties, which have led the way.”

“What is unique to today is the element of population growth. We are watching the real estate numbers grow as investors are flipping and buying multiple units, which is prompting people to move here.”

An increase of creativity and innovation has swept through the Jacksonville retail market. These trends have allowed an elevation of impact and influence for Jacksonville residents, investors and developers.

“Technology has been a game changer for us, and a lot of that happened during the pandemic since people weren’t able to travel and see the Jacksonville sights, but the real estate community figured out ways to showcase properties via drone videos and virtual tours of all different property types,” Gonzales said.

The panel also discussed the most desirable asset classes in the market. Multifamily and industrial continue to be the hottest property types in the Jacksonville area. “The growth will continue as long as people are moving here and investing into the community. Providing affordable housing for the talent that is needed to sustain the growth is an additional incentive for people moving to Jacksonville,” Gonzales added.

If you missed Invest Jacksonville’s 2022 Launch Event, watch a playback here!

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