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Franklin Street Named 33 in Tampa Bay Fast 50

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Franklin Street ranks 33rd in fastest-growing companies in Tampa Bay at 67.36% from 2012 to 2014.

Franklin Street
Andrew Wright, CEO
3-Year Revenue Growth – 67.36%

At Franklin Street, it’s all about the people.

Franklin Street has won top-level talent in all its markets in the last year, from Miami to Atlanta. In Tampa, the company landed two veterans from CBRE Group and two directors from JLL Inc.

“We’ve really added a number of key people across a wide footprint,” CEO Andrew Wright said. “We’ll continue to grow and develop our own talent, and we are actively in pursuit of name-brand talent in all of our markets as well.”

That relentless pursuit of personnel combined with being smaller than some of its national competitors has driven the company’s growth, too, Wright said.

“From a competitive standpoint we’re up against a large battleship, but we’re a much more nimble organization than some of our larger national competitors which allows us to react faster,” Wright said. “I don’t have to answer to my quarterly shareholders – I don’t have a lot of those corporate problems, but we have the same capabilities and we can do as good, if not a better, job.”

Why are you most proud of being a fast-growing company in Tampa Bay?

Founded in 2006 during one of the toughest real estate climates, Franklin Street is proud to be recognized for the fifth year in a row as one of the fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay. Given the difficult state of the economy over that period, particularly in real estate, our success has allowed us to create jobs, train those who are new to the workforce, and showcase Tampa Bay as a great place to start and build a business. We are especially privileged to be one of the only commercial real estate companies consistently recognized for our growth.

At Franklin Street we believe in setting a foundation for strong, consistent growth. Our strength is truly our people and the relationships we’ve built with our clients and the communities in which we live and work. Each of our team members share our core beliefs – Collaboration, Integrity, Hard Work, Accountability – and strive to provide the most comprehensive advisory services in the industry. At Franklin Street, we grow our business only by helping our clients grow theirs.

Thank you Tampa Bay for providing us with the opportunity to be one of the Fastest Growing Companeis again this year! We look forward to sharing future successes with you.

What market conditions are helping your company’s success?

From its inception, Franklin Street was always planned to be a diverse multi-services firm focused on maintaining financial stability to coincide with the ever-changing real estate market. The diversity of our business lines includes multiple residual revenues as well as transnational revenue. This provides our company with safety nets during financial ups and downs unlike many other real estate companies. In addition to dynamic verticals, we also look to our multiple offices with several teams operating in numerous markets across all business lines – helping to further increase our financial strength.

Through the collaboration of our business lines, we were able to position our ocmpany to withstand the market downturn in 2008. We were able to successfully grow a real estate company in one of the hardest hit states during the greatest real estate and financial collapse since the Great Depression. The turmoil our company faced during a very young stage in its development helped secure the values we use to operate to this day; Collaboration, Integrity, Hard Work, and Accountability. Our method and experience as an advisory business – building relationships and increasing the value of our clients’ assets – helped garner the trust, reputation, and stability needed to build Franklin Street’s future.

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