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Fast 50: 2016 fastest-growing companies in Tampa Bay

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Franklin Street is named one of the fastest-growing companies in Tampa Bay for the sixth year in a row and ranks on the "Most times on the list" from 2007-2016.

A Seminole energy company has been named the fastest-growing company in Tampa Bay.

American Power and Gas, which provides green energy from non-fossil fuel based sources, has grown 466.9 percent in three years, making it the No. 1 company on the Fast 50 List for 2016.

The final ranking was revealed in a Thursday luncheon at TPepin Hospitality Centre. See the other companies in the photo gallery that were honored this year.

Subscribers can find the full ranking here.

Harmony Healthcare LLC in Tampa took the No. 2 spot with 421.74 percent growth; Nujak Development Inc. in Lakeland ranked No. 3 this year with 399.84 percent growth.

Subscribers can read more content about these companies on Friday.

One terrific element of this annual project is the spinoff data that comes with it. In addition to profiles of the No. 1 company and some others on the List we found interesting, find trend-spotting detail about what sectors are represented the most, which companies make the List year after year, and which businesses jumped the farthest after appearing on the List last year.

Most times on the list

From 2007-2016

Company Times on the List
AgileThought 7 times
DAS Health 7 times
Stellar Development Inc. 6 times
Franklin Street 6 times
myMatrixx 6 times
Bessolo Design Group 5 times
Power Design 5 times
Square Design 5 times

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