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Ask the Expert: What are the most sought-after office amenities in Tampa?

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Kyle Chaikin reveals the most in-demand office building amenities by tenants in Tampa Bay.

Ask the Expert: What are the most common office amenities sought by tenants in Tampa?

“The top amenities are highly dependent on the type of office tenant and their specific culture. For example, a tech start-up, an established law firm, and a medical device sales company will all have very different needs. In no particular order, here are the most commonly requested amenities: deli/food service, building conference/training rooms, fitness facilities, and reserved parking spaces. 

As office densities continue to intensify and businesses work to reduce occupancy costs, amenities begin to play a huge role in making the tenant experience as enjoyable and productive as possible. Fortunately for Tampa, we have several sophisticated, modern landlords who invested heavily into their buildings to offer a range of fantastic amenities.”

Kyle Chaikin
Senior Associate, Office and Industrial
Franklin Street
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