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Ask the Expert: What amenities do industrial tenants in Florida want most?

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Scott Edwards lists the most popular property amenities sought by industrial tenants.

Ask the Expert: What amenities do industrial tenants in Florida want most right now?

“Ceiling heights are rapidly becoming one of the first questions asked by tenants when doing a walk-through. Gone are the days where 18’ clear would get the job done. With land becoming more and more scarce, there is now a demand to go higher and higher. We’re certainly at a level where 32’+ clear is the new modern industrial norm. This is also backed up with the technological advancements in supply chain management and logistics. Going up is just as easy and convenient now as horizontal storage. 

I also think there is obvious change in the industrial demographic lately which is driven by speed. We’re in a world of needing everything right now. Just look up ‘last-mile distribution’ to see evidence of this. So, what does this mean regarding amenities? It means there is a need to get things out the doors quickly. Having both dock-high and grade level bay doors are musts. Which usually means a need for a ramp. 

There are also some smaller luxuries now that help cut costs. For example, T-5 lighting on automatic sensors. You’ll certainly know the difference when walking through a space that isn’t lit by T-5 lighting. It’s a must-have.”

Scott Edwards
Senior Associate, Industrial
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