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Ask the Expert: How is your brokerage using tech to boost sales & help clients?

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Greg Matus, SVP, discusses how Franklin Street's CRM system helps his team gain a competitive advantage.

Ask the Expert: How is your brokerage using tech to increase sales and help clients?

“One of our key competitive advantages has been the development of Franklin Street’s proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system that functions to deliver on one of our core values: collaboration. The CRM connects all business lines and agents with the client record – a one-stop shop providing a glance at a client’s status within their ownership cycle. 

Each office, regardless of market location, is not their own island with separate databases like in many other firms. We are the quite the opposite. As a company, we know when our client has been called and followed through. Our system removes the need to exhaust or bother the client with unwanted calls by another team or team member within the same office.

Franklin Street also has a dedicated geographic information system (GIS) mapping manager. Daily, we leverage mapping tools showing our clients traffic density and flow patterns, as well as demographic shifts in the area. These important data points are then displayed in both macro and micro views to assist the client in making better decisions to reach their real estate investment goals.”

Greg Matus
Senior Vice President, Investment Sales
Franklin Street
[email protected]
954.640.1100 ext. 0501  


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