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Ask the Expert: How does Franklin Street use technology to empower its agents?

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Greg Matus explains how the firm's tailored learning management system helps equip brokers.

Ask the Expert: How does Franklin Street use technology to empower its agents?

“Our firm has created a tailored learning management system (LMS) called Franklin Street University, led by our chief learning and development officer. It’s an online educational platform whose main function is to equip all new associates and experienced agents in their respective business lines with on-demand video lectures and assessments, facilitated through the firm’s established stages of learning and development.

Franklin Street agents are given access to drone photography and videography to best showcase a commercial property’s location. We leverage drone pilots to capture aerial video and photos to highlight a client’s investment property that is for sale. This state-of-the-art technology allows for quick deployment and turnaround time to hit the market sooner than in previous eras. Video takes it a step further by providing a more immersive experience, like some of the ‘walkable’ image format experience used by our leasing team. 

Lastly, our producers take advantage of third-party marketing tools to streamline and automate portions of the marketing process, like packages, flyers, eblasts, and reporting, while being synced to our proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) system. This functionality allows for a company-wide brand experience that is consistent and less prone to data error. From time to time, we may also use auction sites and other available listing services (which are becoming more and more popular as tech applications today) to expand our reach, marketing to a wider audience pool.”

Greg Matus
Senior Vice President, Investment Sales
Franklin Street
[email protected]
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