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2022 Construction Trends Report

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The commercial construction industry continues to hold its resilience through inflationary pressures, persistent supply chain issues and an uncertain geopolitical landscape.

Explore our 2022 Construction Trends report to learn about everything from the volatility of materials to the rising cost of energy and the factors having the biggest impact on project delays and stops.

“Coming out of the past two years has allowed tenants, franchisees and franchisors to reinvent themselves in new ways. Turning those innovative ideas into reality and succeeding through successful projects is key. It also means that developers/investors can now bring projects to tenants that may have been overlooked. This notion has contributed to an increase in adaptive reuse projects. With higher land costs and increased density, developers are taking a second look at existing facilities and thinking out of the box on redevelopment. In any metropolitan area, we are seeing 20th century developments transform into 21st-century live, work, play environments.”

Nick Sanfilippo, Senior Vice President, Project Management

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