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What Clients Can Expect from Franklin Street Insurance: Program Administration Services

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Within Franklin Street Insurance, our Program Administration team is dedicated to the daily servicing of our client’s portfolios. By creating trusting relationships, this allows us to tailor our services to the specific needs of each individual Commercial Property Owner. It is our commitment to treat everyone as if they are our only client.

We collaboratively develop a Client Service Calendar that serves as a strategy map customized to each client’s wants and needs. This calendar enables clients to see the status of ongoing acquisitions, pending requests, inspection recommendations, and the deadlines set for accomplishing such tasks. We work with clients to create a service plan that is aligned with their company’s infrastructure to help maintain and grow their business.

Our Commitment to You:

1. We Focus On Your Insurance, So You Don’t Have To

Our Program Administration team provides all documentation to the client. These include policies, invoices, allocations, certificates and all acquisition documents. It is our promise to ensure timely delivery of policies and a summary of insurance. Each client is set up with an online portal that will house all insurance documents for ease of access and use.

2. We Are Your Advocate

We advocate on behalf of our clients by communicating with lenders and equity partners to provide certificates of insurance for proof of coverage. By reviewing policies for accuracy, we can ensure our clients are properly protected. We coordinate and facilitate site visits as well as review inspection reports to negotiate any unreasonable repair requests. 

3. As Your Portfolio Grows, We Are Here

As our clients buy and sell commercial properties, our Program Administration team handles all necessary endorsement requests and policy changes. We assist in organizing renewal submissions and conduct annual stewardship meetings to ensure that the portfolio service needs are still being met. By assisting and overseeing client program audits this helps to ensure the insurance is being properly accounted for to make this process seamless.

Our experience within the commercial real estate industry gives us the ability to develop clear communication with our clients on their insurance needs. We understand that insurance is stressful, and we aim to be an extension of our client’s company by providing the servicing their assets require. 

For more information about Franklin Street Insurance Services, visit the Insurance page on our website.

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