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Paul Ciura

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As IT Director of Franklin Street’s Information Technology Team, Paul Ciura has consistently demonstrated his expertise in driving transformative change and delivering strategic technology solutions. With his comprehensive understanding of technology, Mr. Ciura has successfully overseen all aspects of the organization’s IT operations and led a team of skilled professionals.

Mr. Ciura is a highly accomplished and self-taught IT professional with over 24 years of experience in the IT field. His journey in the IT field began by disassembling and reassembling computers to optimize their performance for video gaming. This early interest sparked a lifelong passion for technology and its applications.

Throughout his career, Mr. Ciura has been instrumental in implementing innovative technologies that have enhanced operational efficiency, streamlined processes and improved productivity. He has a proven track record of leveraging technology to drive business growth and achieve organizational objectives.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Mr. Ciura indulges in woodworking during his spare time. His deep passion for creativity and craftsmanship is evident in the fine pieces he creates. This hobby allows him to foster his innovative thinking and attention to detail, qualities that complement his work in the IT field.

Mr. Ciura’s dedication to getting ahead of the ever-evolving technology landscape, combined with his hands-on experience and leadership skills, make him a valuable asset in the commercial real estate industry. He is committed to leveraging technology to drive success and deliver exceptional results for Franklin Street and its clients.


  • Best of Blanchard 2015 – The Bank of Tampa
  • Corporate Employee of the Year 2017 – Franklin Street
  • Corporate Employee of the Year 2020 – Franklin Street
  • Outstanding Contributor 2015 – Franklin Street

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