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Cannabis Real Estate

We handle all your development and construction needs from license submission to propagation to dispensary grand openings. 

Franklin Street has the experience you can depend on for the successful construction and management of your cannabis property. Our team of experts is skilled in every stage of the design, build-out and construction
process for vertically integrated cultivation facilities, retail dispensaries and laboratories. Our track record of success means that you can trust that we understand your property’s special and unique needs and can manage your project to your complete satisfaction. Our single-source approach to project management streamlines everything from start to finish, while you benefit from a single point of contact for progress updates or any assistance you need.


SQFT of indoor cannabis cultivation facilities developed across 14 states

1 %

increased canopy efficiency and reduced energy consumption

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retail dispensaries nationwide

Nationwide Project Management Services

Current & Completed Projects at a Glance

Your Commercial Property Unique

Luckily, so is our expertise.

We perform the necessary due diligence to ensure your project will be delivered on time and budget, whether leasing or purchasing real estate.

• Zoning Use & Land Review
• Permit Requirements
• Conceptual Site Plans
• Site Investigation Reports
• Lease & Work Letter Negotiations
• Cost Estimating
• Pre-Application Meetings
• Zoning Hearings
• State Application Requirements
• Building Canopy Ratios

We ensure your project is designed to achieve your optimal growth outputs, and diligently pursue all required permits.
• Cultivation Programming & Master Planning
• Specialty Vendor Coordination
• Drawing Preparation
• Design Review
• Security Design Management
• Cost Control and Value Engineering
• Permit Process
• Bid Progress
• Integrated Cultivation Design (ICD)
• State Compliant Pollution Prevention Plans
• Contract Management

We handle the day-to-day construction monitoring to ensure quality, schedule, and budgets are strictly adhered to.
• Project Administration
• Pre-Construction Meetings
• Construction Management
• Logistics and Utilities
• Site Visits
• Scheduled Reporting
• Utility Franchisee & Energy Rebates
• Affluent/Discharge Compliance
• Equipment Commissioning

We ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction and proper documentation is obtained to close-out the project.
• Punch-list
• Closeout Documentation
• Tenant Allowance
• Warranty Manuals
• Bond Releases
• State Commencement & Compliance Inspections

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