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Real Estate Forum’s Fastest Growing Companies 2016

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Real Estate Forum has ranked Franklin Street as one of the commercial real estate industry's Fastest-Growing Companies of 2016.

Real Estate Forum has compiled its second annual ranking of the commercial real estate industry’s Fastest-Growing Companies: successful firms that have achieve exceptional growth in recent years, outpacing their competition. Twenty-six companies made this year’s list, which is segmented into four categories by average annual revenue: Heavy Hitters ($1 billion-plus in average annual revenues), Large Companies ($101 million to $999 million), Mid-Sized Companies ($11 million to $100 million) and Small Companies (up to $10 million).

The winners were calculated based on their scores for two key areas – revenue growth and headcount growth – over a three-year period. The sum of those scores determined the final ranking of the firm.

Franklin Street
Tampa, FL

Overall Growth Rank: 9*
Revenue Growth Rank: 8
Employee Headcount Growth Rank: 10

2015 Revenue: $20,536,434
Three-Year Growth in Revenue: 57%
Projected Year-End 2016 Revenue: $21,495,018

Number of Employees in 2015: 191
Three-Year Growth in Number of Employees: 28%
Projected Headcount at Year-End 2016: 250

Head Executive: Andrew Wright, CEO and Managing Partner
Year Founded: 2006
Primary Business: Commercial Real Estate Services (Corporate, Capital and Valuation Advisory; Landlord/Tenant Representation; Management; and Insurance Brokerage)
Regions of Operation: National, Southeast

*Tied for 9th place in the Mid-Sized Firms category


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