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Industrial Update: Power of the Ports

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Franklin Street's Monte Merritt discusses the opportunities and challenges facing U.S. ports.

Excerpted from July/Aug 2017 issue of Real Estate Forum.

Investors are eyeing ports, but could potential restrictions on international trade throw a wrench into the distribution segment’s engine?

On the East Coast in particular, things are changing on the manufacturing, logistics and transportation front. Monte Merritt, a senior director at Franklin Street, sees the expansion of e-commerce and Panamax as both an opportunity and a challenge for ports, especially in Florida.” 

“Florida has 15 public seaports vying for attention and public funding, some of which comes from the state government,” Merritt says. “That puts Florida at a disadvantage when compared to states like South Carolina, where the Port of Charleston is its only port and the area has an oceanside seaport and one inside, with a small channel. The Port of Charleston is thriving because of excellent geography and a focus on this port as a singular entity in the state.”

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