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Ask the Expert: What is the short-term outlook for South Florida multifamily?

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Dan Dratch explains why the multifamily market outlook remains strong in South Florida.

Ask the Expert: What is the short-term outlook for South Florida’s multifamily market?

“As we look to wrap up 2019, the South Florida market will continue to see a big push into multifamily investments.  We are getting quoted some of the lowest interest rates in years, which is allowing us to secure even higher values for our clients. The banks believe in the product here in South Florida, so they will remain eager to lend on the opportunities. We also have owners who are starting to wonder what could happen to the real estate market should we have a major change in the presidential office next year.  This uncertainty, mixed with the strong property values and low interest rates, will no doubt cause a lot of owners to make the decision to put their buildings on the market as we enter 2020.”

Dan Dratch
Senior Associate, Multifamily Investment Sales
Franklin Street
[email protected]
Direct: 954.312.1677


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