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​Franklin Street and Ally Capital Group Unveil Mural at Westshore City Center

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Franklin Street and Ally Capital Group Unveil Mural at Westshore City Center in Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL (April 8, 2020) –  Ally Capital Group commissioned local mural artist, Illsol, to create the largest mural to-date in the Westshore business district at Westshore City Center in Tampa, FL.

Over the last 6 months, Franklin Street and Ally Capital Group worked closely with Illsol on a design for the main building of the property that faces Westshore Boulevard. 

“This mural is a representation of the Westshore Business District moving forward as a hub of transportation and innovation” said Andrew Wright, CEO and Managing Partner of Franklin Street and a partner in Ally Capital. “The leadership at Tampa International Airport, Westshore City Center and throughout the Westshore Business District are committed to following through on initiatives that improve our community and make Tampa a top city to live and work.”

“Creating a sense of place that the community can connect with is something that is done so well through public art initiatives, like murals” said Matt Chadwick, Director for Ally Capital Group. “The mural at Westshore City Center adds vibrant character to the Westshore Business District and supports a dialogue for development, innovation and progress.”

For more than 35 years, the Westshore Alliance has been the voice of Westshore.   The Alliance and its members focus on initiatives designed to help transform Westshore into a walkable urban district.  Installing wider sidewalks, adding green spaces and establishing a bike network are among the organization’s initiatives to develop the Westshore District of the future.

“The vibrant and eye-catching Illsol art installation serves as a modern focal point in the Westshore District. It’s a welcome addition to West Shore Boulevard and one we hope will serve as a catalyst for other community arts projects for all residents and employees in the area to enjoy.” – Ann Kulig, Westshore Alliance Executive Director

The mural covers the west façade of 1311 Westshore Boulevard, and is only the first of several art installations to be included in the redevelopment of the property.  Formerly the Austin Center, the business park consists of five office buildings on a 10.4-acre parcel. Owned by Ally Capital, and managed by Franklin Street, the property has already started undergoing a capital improvement campaign of at least $10 million in building and campus upgrades.

“The title of the mural is 7:44 and the design represents growth and renewal,” said Tony Kroll, Illsol.  “It’s meant to show that the impact of our community is monumental. Tampa is full of creators and problem solvers who believe in making the world a better place.”

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