Results Through Collaboration

Insurance Services

Each insurance company has its own unique appetite for risk that is constantly changing based on asset class, construction, age, location and size. 

By specializing in the real estate industry, we can quickly identify which insurance companies best fit the real estate owner. We negotiate with these markets to obtain the most competitive terms, conditions, and pricing at any given time.

The Franklin Street Platform

Our team of brokers, advisors and analysts across all business lines are dedicated to the issues facing real estate organizations. Aligning our resources with our clients’ goals, raises their competitive advantage.   

By leveraging our large portfolio of properties along with access to top carriers, Franklin Street Insurance Services is able to offer our clients superior coverage and pricing through our Master Insurance Policy. These shared limit property programs can provide clients a savings of 15 to 20 percent under the cost of a standalone policy while delivering the type of coverage lenders demand.

Franklin Street Insurance Services delivers value on multiple fronts:

  • Our teams understand their roles and anticipate their administrative responsibilities; whether representing real estate organizations to the insurance marketplace or in working with their lenders and other partners.
  • Our comprehensive claims support and Real Time Loss Stata reporting enables real estate owners, managers, and developers to identify, quantify, and manage risk across their entire portfolio.
  • Spectrum of loss sensitive program expertise, ranging from Micro and Small Group Captive development to Fully Fronted SIR placements.
  • The Franklin Street Master Insurance Policy product provides comprehensive insurance solutions specifically for multifamily properties that are difficult to insure.