Results Through Collaboration

Insurance Services

There are thousands of insurance companies in the world, each with its own unique appetite for risk. Even considering the companies that would write commercial real estate business, the list could be in the hundreds. A carrier's risk appetite is constantly changing and can vary based on asset class, construction, age, location, size, etc.

Therefore, it's important that your insurance agent understands and can access the world of insurance companies specific to your risk. By specializing in the real estate industry, we can quickly identify which insurance companies best fit the real estate owner. We then negotiate with these markets to obtain the best price and coverage. Our success in this area stems from the volume of real estate business we place with these markets.

We also have strong relationships with the various insurance companies that write commercial real estate business. They understand we specialize in the real estate market, and that we require the best pricing and coverage available to our clients.

The Franklin Street Platform

The collaborative full-service platform of Franklin Street provides Insurance Services with an in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry, including the challenges and opportunities our clients face daily.

With this knowledge, we are able to develop comprehensive strategies and deliver program options specific to a client’s unique financial situation – saving clients hundreds to thousands of dollars.

By leveraging our large portfolio of properties along with access to top carriers, Franklin Street Insurance Services is able to offer our clients superior coverage and pricing through our Master Insurance Policy. These shared limit property programs can provide clients a savings of 15 to 20 percent under the cost of a standalone policy while delivering the type of coverage lenders demand.