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One-Of-A-Kind Training For Personalized Career Paths

Franklin Street’s Training Program outlines a path to success for new agents entering the business. Our Training Program was created by Commercial Real Estate professionals and continues to evolve in response to real-time trainee feedback. We are proud to provide our agents with this specialized tool that surpasses any other program. 

Training Snapshot

To provide the most comprehensive overiew of commercial real estate, our training program is split into the following categories:

At the completion of each of the stages of training, team members complete an assessment to demonstrate their mastery of the concepts. 

Trainings are delivered through a combination of online recordings, available 24/7 at the convenience of the trainee’s schedule, as well as live lectures with valuable face-to-face learning. 

Your First Year Of Training

Months 1-3

Introduction to Franklin Street & Commercial Real Estate

Every trainee will be given a detailed description of the requirements, training curriculum, expectations and a career path. Courses consist of video recordings that trainees can access at any time.

Courses include:

Franklin Street
Basic Real Estate
Local Market Overview

Months 4-7

Foundational Skills

Trainees will learn the foundational skills needed to provide value and a high level of service to their future clients. Courses are a combination of video recordings and live lectures.

Courses include:

Real Estate
Sales & Business
Business Line Specific Topics
Property Type Specific Topics

Months 8-12

Targeted Development

Continue to refine and build upon the foundational tools and more advanced skills that will allow agents to flourish in their markets. Training in this stage is more detailed and specific to a line of business. Most of this stage consists of live lectures with opportunities for the trainees to ask questions.

Courses include:

Managing Buyers & Sellers
Showing Space
Leading a Market Tour
Fee Negotiation

Months 12+

Building Your Business

The purpose of this stage is to assist agents in building their business and to give them the tools they need to become top performers. Trainees are now being held to sales activity expectations and are focusing on generating revenue and developing client relationships.

Courses include:

Business Development
Advanced Real Estate & Insurance
Explore Franklin Street’s Collaborative Platform
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Listen, watch or read the latest cre news & insights
get the time to focus on running your business
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