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Cold Storage On-Demand: Solutions for Last Mile Delivery Logistics

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Published: Aug 19, 2019
It is no secret that we are moving rapidly towards a society that needs everything “now.” You only have to look as far as Amazon’s “Buy Now with One Click” to see the public’s urgent need to not only receive your item as soon as humanly possible, but to be able to order it at lightning-fast speed too.  

But how does this relate to #ColdStorage regarding #LastMileDelivery? Well, simply put, phone charger cables and screen protectors are not the only things we’re gearing towards needing on-demand. It looks like the market for perishable goods is accelerating at an incredible rate. Growth patterns in online grocery sales are predicted to rapidly surge by 2021. According to Statista, “online grocery shopping in the U.S. will more than double from $14.2 Billion in 2017 to $29.7 Billion in 2021, led by online retail giants Amazon and Walmart.”

The most eye-opening aspect behind these numbers is the fact that 81% of American adults have NOT used a home delivery service for their groceries. Which means the upside to this opportunity is tremendous! This also leaves the door wide open to take advantage of one thing that everyone will soon realize is a must to make this sector survive…. Storing these items in a facility that is large enough to handle the capacity, while also protecting the goods (Cold Storage), while at the same time being close enough to urban cities to get the products to the consumer’s doorstep within hours, not days (Last Mile Delivery).  

The good news is, if you’re interested in getting involved and taking advantage of being an early mover/investor in this sector, just give us a shout here at Franklin Street at 407.458.5404. We specialize in site selection for specific criteria like cold storage. So, whether you’re looking for some land to build a 150,000 square foot distribution center/warehouse or want to transform an existing building into that perfect cold storage facility, reach out to us and you’ll soon be on your way to capitalizing on a business sector with tremendous growth potential.

Credit: Scot Edwards
Source: Franklin Street