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Ask the Expert: Will new food concepts expand into suburban markets across the Southeast?

Published: Jul 05, 2019
Ask the Expert: Are new food concepts seeking to expand into suburban markets across the Southeast? 

“Yes, there are many restaurant and bar concepts that have risen out of urban markets, and those that are willing to grow and expand are considering options in suburban markets.  The rise of mixed-use projects and the efforts to renew historical downtowns found in suburban areas seem to be favored targets.  The key ingredient and similarity to urban concepts and suburban mixed-use is a walkable district that has daytime population density, foot traffic and a sense of place.   More and more developers and landlords are turning towards local concepts in order to bring some authenticity and uniqueness to their projects.  These developers are now, more than ever, willing to chase local chefs to open within their project vs. national chain restaurants, sacrificing credit in order to land the next hot restaurant or bar.” 

Brian Bern
Senior Director of Retail Leasing
Franklin Street
813.839.7300 x 0303 
Credit: Brian Bern
Source: Franklin Street