Results Through Collaboration

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Insurance Services

Franklin Street Insurance Services is a full-service agency that focuses on delivering value-added property and liability insurance and risk management services to real estate owners and commercial businesses nationwide. Our specialization in the real estate industry allows us to consistently deliver quality insurance coverage at the best prices available in the market.

We provide products and services that directly support our clients’ overall risk management objectives by understanding the needs of our clients, their businesses, and the nature of their specific challenges and opportunities they face on a daily basis. Our Insurance team works together to assess the probability of the risks that the impact of an event may cause, and then develop economically viable solutions to address needs and risks specific to a client’s situation. Most importantly, as a partner in a client’s business and financial success, we continually monitor their risk management plan and are proactive to suggest, and implement, changes that ensure the plan is properly aligned with the conditions our clients are currently facing.