Results Through Collaboration


Franklin Street Management Services' Commercial division oversees more than 3.3 million square feet of retail management. We represent retail shopping center, office complex, medical office and industrial clients around the Southeast with the primary goal of increasing property values. Our highly skilled staff has an impressive depth of knowledge and experience in the commercial management services arena, bringing clients an unparalleled level of expertise.

Franklin Street Management Services' Commercial division encompasses a range of services that, working in tandem, leads to positive results for clients.

Property Management:

We strive to achieve the highest possible net operating income for each asset evaluating and advising on a number of critical elements, from maximizing rent collection to minimizing operating costs.

Leasing and Marketing:

Our team implements marketing programs that address such aspects as the property's physical appearance and maintenance, optimal pricing strategy and tenant retention.

Market Research and Feasibility Studies:

Through extensive fieldwork, we identify opportunities to improve property operations while analyzing rents and occupancy rates in order to provide well-informed consultation.

Due Diligence:

For clients who are adding assets to their commercial portfolio, our team conducts in-depth analyses of income, expenses, market rents and physical condition of properties under consideration, then offers advice based on our findings.

Construction Management Services for Renovation:

We oversee a range of construction services for properties requiring interior and exterior renovations. We work closely with tenants and contractors to ensure tenant improvement projects are consistent with the approved plans and budget. 

Real Estate Owned/Receivership Assets

Because of its relationship with the Residential division, the Commercial division has the capacity to manage Real Estate Owned (REO) and receivership assets.

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Reconciliations:

Franklin Street Management Services' Commercial division provides CAM reconciliations, performing bi-annual audits of the property's pass-through operating expenses to determine whether the CAM expenses are in budget. If necessary, we make adjustments in operations to bridge any budget gaps and either invoice or reimburse tenants.

In addition to providing leasing reports on a monthly basis, we offer flexible and in-depth accounting functionality and can prepare such documents as annual budgets, business plans and monthly owner reports.

Our Commercial division is also able to offer benefits from our strong network of relationships. Our negotiated agreements bring property owners and landlords lower costs on such items as insurance and maintenance services.

Franklin Street Management Services collaborates with:

Franklin Street Capital Services to keep abreast of current debt and equity market information for the benefit of our clients, as well as making Capital’s services available to our clients as an additional service.

Franklin Street Insurance Services to provide our clients access to enhanced insurance coverage and reduced premiums through its master policy platform.

Franklin Street Real Estate Services to provide our clients with full access to market sales and valuation data, and to be able to provide our clients with full brokerage services.