Results Through Collaboration

Asset Management

At Franklin Street Asset Management, we focus on providing quality financial advisory services to our clients. Our deep knowledge of real estate and finance combines with highly disciplined research to deliver results driven by a client-centric focus.

First, we can help you define your objectives, and then can design a customized portfolio strategy to achieve them. Through intensive reporting and constant analysis, Franklin Street Asset Management ensures that these objectives are met.

Franklin Street Asset Management currently manages over $400 million in assets for a diverse clientele comprised primarily of private individuals, as well for some institutional investors.

As part of this work, Franklin Street Asset Management is an expert in working out restructuring of debt for its clients, having modified over $250 million in such loans as of year-end 2010.

Our asset management team is led by seasoned property and research professionals that use state-of-the-art technology and proven processes that insure consistency and reliability. We provide a wide range of industry-specific services and tasks designed to maximize returns through effective planning, consistent reporting and continual follow-up.

Assessment of a property starts with conducting or reviewing site visits, which includes assessing the condition of the property, evaluating the onsite staff and marketing program, and thoroughly reviewing tenant files. We develop business plans addressing performance issues, and then recommend courses of action to achieve the desired results.

Our commitment to research and its practical application to decision-making are critical to the success of every investment portfolio we manage. The best research is irrelevant if the analysis it produces isn’t used in day-to-day decision-making. Franklin Street Asset Management can provide and effectively translate specific economic analysis into the kind of insight necessary to maximize investment performance.